The INSME 2015 Annual Meeting innovation tours will take delegates to some of the South Africa’s leading SME innovation institutions based in and around Cape Town. The purpose of the innovation tours is to showcase innovation and technology transfer support provided to start-ups and SMEs in the region.

These stakeholders have been instrumental in accelerating early stage start-ups and entrepreneurs through their focused and targeted methodologies.

As a guest of INSME you have the opportunity to join us during the morning of the 28th of May 2015.

bandwidth LaunchLab




Stellenbosch (Launch Lab) and Woodstock (Bandwidth Barn)

The first route will take you to Stellenbosch, which is located 50 kilometers outside of Cape Town. Stellenbosch is home to one of the world’s leading Universities as well as Technopark, which is a modern science park and industry cluster and a critical mass of sector knowledge, a high-quality talent pool and a launching point for local and regional innovations.

You are invited to come and spend the first half of the morning at The Launch Lab, which is a business hub for a community of entrepreneurs. The Launch Lab does not merely provide rented space and ICT infrastructure but, more importantly, creates an environment where young entrepreneurs are accelerated to a new level. For more information please visit

Launch Lab Stellenbosch 2

 Some of the recent successes out of Stellenbosch is Ikubu; which was recently sold to Garmin, be sure to see the MD of Ikubu speak at the Forging Enterprise conference. The latest press release: click here.

You will have the opportunity to meet local players in the eco-system who can share insights into how South Africa uses different methodologies to foster innovative incubators and accelerator programs that foster first world thinking and execution.

After your trip to the Launch Lab in Stellenbosch, we will travel to our final destination at The Barn, Africa’s largest and oldest technology incubator, which has a vision to develop Cape Town and the region as a global technology cluster and a vibrant hub for innovation that is significantly contributing to the economic growth of South Africa. There are various methods to grow different sectors that range from seed entrepreneurs to women owned businesses. To find out more:

 Bandwidth Barn venue

If you would like to meet certain companies that you have heard about please do not hesitate to let us know to see if we can create a networking opportunity for you at the route.

We look forward to hosting you and having an informed, inspiring tour of the Western Cape Innovation and Technology ecosystem.